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Paranormal Investigators - South Carolina

Carolina Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation
Our mission at Carolina Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation (CSPRI) is to investigate and document paranormal activity using the scientific method. With an open, yet objective mindset, we use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the most logical explanation to all paranormal activity. We ensure that our staff of investigators and researchers exemplify professionalism, courtesy, and confidentiality for each case that is delivered to us. CSPRI understands that privacy is paramount in any case that is taken and will use all measures to ensure that the privacy of each client is respected.

Afterlife Paranormal Investigations of the Carolinas
The Afterlife Paranormal Investigations of the Carolinas is a non-profit professional paranormal research organization dedicated to discovering the truth behind claims of paranormal activity and unexplained phenomena. APIC has a mission to provide information, support, comfort, and evidence to those involved, experiencing, or troubled by paranormal activity. Using the most technologically advanced methodologies available, our team of trained and specialized investigators carefully review and analyze scientific data and personal experiences to determine if suspected activity is paranormal or para-natural associated with life after death and the continuation of human consciousness after physical disembodiment. The APIC team attempts to exhaust all claims of activity logically by examining natural causes before jumping to any conclusions of paranormal activity. Afterlife Paranormal Investigations of the Carolinas is based out of South-East part of South Carolina and covers areas in and surrounding South and North Carolina area.

Phasma Paranormal
We are a paranormal team based in Conway, South Carolina. Phasma Paranormal is dedicated to the investigation, research, history, and documentation of all things paranormal. Our services are always free, confidential, and professional. We believe the dead have a voice....