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Paranormal Investigators - UK

Eximius Paranormal Research & Investigations
We are a team of paranormal investigators, the site reflects our activities and interests, with interesting articles, video clips, books, investigations and other things of interest to the paranormal community. We are based in the Northwest UK.

Para-Investigations is team of paranormal investigators and mediums keen on investigating the world of the paranormal. Our teams are based across the UK. We have a paranormal forum free to join.

Totally Haunted
Team of ghost hunters from hampshire in search of the paranormal.

Website home for Ghost Hunt Team (Essex UK) No 1 Paranormal team in Essex and as featured in Jason Karl's 21st Century Ghosts book. Est in 2004.

RiPA - Research into Paranormal Anomalistics
With over ten years in the field, RiPA dedicates its research to examine the paranormal using the Anomalistic techniques.

A website for our paranormal investigation team ghostparanormal ghosthunters from Halifax. We will be putting up pics and write ups from our ghost hunts and details of upcoming events.

Paranormal Network UK
An online community of paranormal investigators and enthusiasts to advertise hunts and talk about anything paranormal. Upload and comment pictures in the gallery or see the calendar for upcoming investigations to take part in.

Otherworld North East Research Society
The Otherworld North East Research Society (OWNE) is a non-profit anomalous phenomena investigation and research association specialising in recording the physical phenomena often associated with alleged ghosts and hauntings. Our aim is to help promote the heritage of the North East of England's historical sites, blending local history research with field and documentary research into ghostly sightings and experiences. The OWNE Investigation Team operates as a data collection unit and do not use mediums, seances, talking boards or dowsing as standard practice during our venue-based investigations.

Ghost Hunting with a Difference - real time investigations, real time scares
Ghost Hunting with a difference - real time investigations, real time scares.