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Paranormal Investigators - Virginia

Central VA Paranormal Investigations
To provide professional investigative services to "will- seeking" individuals requiring validation on unexplainable occurrences.

What we are: A group of professionals that dedicate our spare time to paranormal research.
What we are NOT: Pranksters, or people out to put fear in you. We do not offer spells or anything along those lines.
Why we are different: We work as a team where everyone brings their own specialties together. Each team member has a criminal background check on file for reassurance to our clients when entering a residence or business.
What we offer: Investigations, consultations & group/event appearances.

Ghost VIPS
VIPS believes in a professional and scientific approach to investigations and the ability to develop new standards in the paranormal research field. We like to incorporate common sense ideas with original and innovative techniques, and philosophies. We will attempt to debunk claims of activity while maintaining an open mind. We are not out to prove skeptics wrong or a believer right, we just provide evidence, recommendations, and allow the client to be the judge.

D.A.R.S. (Death Afterlife Research Society)
Death Afterlife Research Society is a paranormal team that investigates in Virginia. Our team will scientifically analyze photos, videos, recordings, and all collected evidence. D.A.R.S. web site is full of information and evidence. We are here for you.