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Ghost Paranormal Service
Call us at 630-456-2513 24/7 in the chicagoland area if you need help! We are very discreet and investigate free of charge!!

Professional Paranormal Investigations
A paranormal investigations team based in Westport, Indiana. If you are experienceing paranormal activity visit our website and then contact us if you are interested in an investigation. We take each and every call seriously and we will keep your information strictly private. Confidentiality is our number one priority. Let us help you. If we accept your case, there are never any charges for any investigations we conduct. We are looking for want answers...let the Professionals at PPI assist you today.

Lakeside Central Paranormal
Lakeside Central Paranormal in based in South Bend Indiana and easily covers Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. Working with 3 separate teams divided throughout Indiana and one group in Ohio to cover as much area as possible. No case is too small or large. We are a professional team of experienced individuals dedicated to finding answers concerning paranormal activity. Basing itself in science and logic; LCP strives to make sense of things that don't seem to have a reasonable explanation. We attempt to debunk as much as we can before looking for a conclusion. We are here to help those who feel they are being affected by paranormal activities that are beyond their control. We can provide such clients a thorough investigation of their private residences or businesses using high tech equipment, knowledge, and cool headed logic. Using proven methods, our team will be able to find out first if you are having paranormal activity, the degree of that activity, provide the client with evidence collected of that activity, and some advice in overcoming challenges presented by paranormal activities.

Shadow Spirit Paranormal
Paranormal investigation.

Ghost Trapper-T.P.I
Ghost Trapper is the Indian Paranormal Investigation team. We never disclose our victim information to others. We will never hang you in middle of the investigation. You can always trust us. Let us work for you. Always remember GHOST TRAPPER-T.P.I. We are here to help you from the paranormal.

Moonslipper Spirit Clearing
Moonslipper provides real solutions for ghosts and paranormal phenomena. We've also got info on feng shui, geopathic stress, ghost lights, most haunted locations and much more.

Kansas Paranormal Investigators
We are a team of investigators located in southeast Kansas. We are non-profit and offer help to clients that may be experiencing paranormal activity in their home or office.

We are a team of investigators located in southeast Kansas. We are non-profit and offer help to clients that may be experiencing paranormal activity in their home or office.

The Dark Side Of Louisville Paranormal Society
Paranormal Group of Investigators in Louisville, KY. We offer free Investigations of homes and businesses.

Dravenstar Paranormal Research Team
Dravenstar Paranormal Research Team is located in Eastern Kentucky. Our goal is research and development in the field of the paranormal. Our mission is not to prove to skeptics that ghost exist, but to learn as much as we can about the subject itself. Some members of Dravenstar have had over a decade of research and investigation under their belts. It is our goal to remain professional and provide any help we can.

Paranormal Investigators of Cairo Kentucky
We provide complete, confidential, and compassionate help to those having paranormal activity. With over 2 years of in-field experience in paranormal investigation, we uphold professional quality service to all those seeking help. We never charge for investigations or consultations.

RTS Paranormal Investigations
We conduct free paranormal investigations and are located in Wrentham, MA. We have a contact us page, a team members bio page, and photos of locations we have investigated. We update our site every few weeks.

Anthony Duda, New England's Paranormal Investigator
Anthony Duda, New England's paranormal investigator since 1992. Ghosts and hauntings, EVP, UFOs, cryptozoology.

The Massachusetts Paranormal Research Group
The Massachusetts Paranormal Research Group is an all volunteer organization. Our mission statment is simply this: We will assist people who are experiencing paranormal activity, events or episodes and provide them with a solution or explanation for their specific encounter while adhering to strict policies and guidelines to protect their confidentiality. We are not funded by any governmental or corporate entity and exist solely on the kindness of a few benefactors plus our own personal contributions to continue to maintain and procure state of the art equipment as is necessary in our field. Our drive to do this is our thirst for knowledge of all things paranormal and our desire to help others through education, explanation, and intervention.

Kevsters Paranormal Investigations Team
All things paranormal.

Antietam Paranormal Society
A page that is devoted to describing Antietam Paranormal Society, it's investigators, past investigations, etc.

Maryland Paranormal Research
Maryland Paranormal Research is based in central Maryland and employs a rational and multidisciplinary approach to the investigatation of paranormal phenomena, involving systematic collection design (audio, visual, electro-magnetic, thermal, etc), augmented by historical research. All investigations requested by clients remain confidential. Our service area includes MD, VA, DC, PA, DE, NJ and WV. No fee is charged for these services.

Shadow Spirit Paranormal
Paranormal investigation.

Paranormal archeology survey team serving NW Ohio and SE Michigan.

Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota
A non-profit organization specializing in paranormal investigation in Minnesota.

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