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Haunted Mississippi Paranormal Research (HMPR)
Haunted Mississippi Paranormal Research (HMPR) is a dedicated group of people who are interested in the paranormal. HMPR investigates the paranormal and extends its services free of charge to those who need assistance.

Catawba County Paranormal Investigators
Hi, and welcome to C.C.P.I. Catawba County Paranormal Investigators. This site was created for paranormal groups and people who are having paranormal activity. We are located in Claremont NC, and expand in a few other states, such as VA, SC, an PA. If you would like to contact us for an investigation whether in home or business please do so or to share a paranormal experience please email Johnathan at and we will respond asap! We have done a number of investigations and received some striking results. If anyone needs us to investigate your home or property we can do so free of charge, donations are welcome for battery's and new equipment to help our evidence further. My email again is message me please if you would like our help or email and please understand that this is no joke and only contact me if you are experiencing paranormal activity. If there are any other investigators that have experience and would like to join message me.

Port City Paranormal
Our web site is dedicated to allow us to share nonconfidential information to others. We are a non provoke team, we do not depend on psychics, personal experiences or methods of divination as evidence. Award winning photographs, videos and blogs included. Please see our website for all details. All investigations free of charge.

3P Paranormal Investigations
Paranormal investigators look for answers concerning paranormal activity. Evidence supporting life after death and psychic abilities can be found on the website.

Tri-City Research and Investigation Of The Paranormal
Tri-City Research and Investigation Of The Paranormal is a team of paranormal researchers that conducts paranormal investigations for free to educate the community by providing truthful facts and evidence to our clients and the public! Everyone we have worked with in the past are very satisfied in the way we performed our investigations! If you think your place is haunted or may have paranormal activity and would like T.R.I.P to Iinvestigate please contact us!

Duncan Paranormal Society
We are located in Omaha, Nebraska. We are currently serving clients in Nebraska and Iowa. Founded in 2009, Duncan Paranormal Society has prided itself in being a reputable paranormal group as it can be. Our clients are treated fairly and with respect! Duncan Paranormal Society (DPS) is a non-profit organization that prides itself on taking care of its clients needs in dealing with the paranormal. We make our clients uncomfortablity our top priority. We come into every case open-minded, sympathetic, and skeptical. Our first attempt is to disprove a haunting. With solid proof by video or voice recordings does a case be ruled haunted. Duncan Paranormal Society also has an education department. If companies, schools or other organizations are needing any kind of classes in the paranormal, DPS will conduct these classes for a nominal donation. Duncan Paranormal Society is funded through donations and sponsorships. All investigations are conducted free of charge to our clients. There are no hidden fees.

NEAR Paranormal
New England Anomalies Research (NEAR) was founded for the purpose of investigating and analyzing phenomena which is suspected to be of paranormal origin; that is, removed from what is currently understood and accepted as legitimate by prevailing scientific standards.

Bellewood Paranormal of New Jersey
Free investigations. No need to be afraid of the dark. We are here to help.

New Jersey Ghost Investigations
New Jersey Ghost Investigations (NJGI) are a group of paranormal investigators covering the state of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. NJGI consists of seasoned paranormal investigators with the common goal of providing a solid and comprehensive resource for those concerned with possible paranormal activity.

NJROPE Paranormal
Serving NJ, DE and PA. Investigations are free and confidential. We strive to help those who are trying to bridge the gap between the world we know and the unseen one around us.

Paranormal research and investigation of ghosts, hauntings, orbs, ufos, cryptids, and other unexplained phenomena.

Western New York Paranormal Research Group
WNY Paranormal Research Group is dedicated to researching the field of scientific investigation of paranormal occurrences. We are a team of professionals who will assist anyone in need of explanations for unexplained events that are occurring in their home or on their property. Our group is made up of people from various professional fields including Electronics, Medical, Management, Engineering, and many more. We do not judge people, we do not ridicule people! We are here to help. We will listen to you, help you resolve your issue to the best of our ability and get further help from any necessary source depending on the type of paranormal problems that are occurring. At your request we will keep your case completely confidential. We don't charge for our services.

Roc City Paranormal Research Society, Inc.
Paranormal investigators in Upstate New York whose goal is to provide resources to those who may have experienced haunting and spirit activity.

North Country Paranormal Group
We are a paranormal investigation group based in Plattsburgh, New York. We provide investigations at no cost. Our main objective is to help the clients with whatever paranormal needs they have.

Horizon Paranormal Research Team
HPRT is located in College Point, New York and researches and investigates reports of possible paranormal events and folklore. We are a self funded group and all of our members volunteer their time to the study of the paranormal. HPRT members are all working professionals from all ethnic and religious backgrounds. Our members are knowledgeable in all known theories of paranormal phenomenon and investigative techniques. All HPRT investigations and consultations are confidential and free of charge. If you feel that you or someone you know may have paranormal activity in their home or business, or you wish to ask a question, please contact us.

Paranormal Investigations of Rockland County
We are a group of like-minded individuals who are looking to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts, hauntings and paranormal activity. There is no charge for our services. Our goal is to aid any individuals dealing with or understanding a possible paranormal situation in their home or business.

Pittsburgh Paranormal Research
PPR is a non-profit organization dedicated to the scientific investigation of ghosts, classic hauntings, poltergeists and other paranormal phenomena. We also provide education and assistance to people who have encountered a spirit, ghost or other unexplained phenomenon. Also services Ohio and West Virginia.

Paranormal archeology survey team serving NW Ohio and SE Michigan.

P.R.O.S Investigations
Home of the professional investigators and researchers.

Emerald Valley Paranormal
E.V.P. was established in 2007 after 14 years as a hobby. We offer our services to those in Oregon, SW Washington, and Northern California. We are available 24/7, 100% free of charge and confidential. We are here for your peace of mind.

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