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Mystic Miscellany
Welcome to the largest glossary of paranormal terms on the web!

My Haunted Life Too
Your true stories of the paranormal. Everyone has a story - share yours.

Underworld Reflections
Underworld Reflections provides photos of real fairies, elementals and otherworldly beings in detail and glowing color. Transdimensional photographer and author Jane Tripp is a Digital Seer and Otherworld naturalist and researcher exploring liminal worlds and beings photographically. She offers some of the best photographs of fairies and other spirits in the world today.

Freak Lore
Bringing readers unusual paranormal stories, including tales of monsters and bizarre happenings from around the world.

Madame Blue's Realm
All about unusual phenomena, including true ghost stories, UFOs, channeling, re-incarnation, angels, and more with lovely graphics and music to fit the stories.

Myths Ghosts & Legends
Spooky history and ghostly encounters with the myths team in the UK.

Ghost Investigators
Ghost investigators, ghost hunts, paranormal investigations, ghost hunting in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world.

Louisiana Spirits Paranormal Investigations
Investigates areas of paranormal activity. Also has ghost cams and other paranormal information on their site.

SPIRITS of St. Petersburg
We believe that the subjectivity of the human experience, the objectivity of equipment, and the recorded history of research triangulate to determine the truth of activity at a location. *We believe in ethical investigation practices, which do not include invoking, evoking, or provoking anything, living or otherwise. Respect to all is paramount. *We believe in methodology as the basis for investigation. We utilize a controlled contact, have a call out for non-haunted locations as well as haunted locations, and a procedural process in place. *In keeping as controlled an environment as possible, procedure follows this standard: Investigations consist of a walk-through in which we identify hot spot areas, discuss how we wish to proceed in investigating these areas, and formulate focus groups. At the end of the investigation we share our findings with the homeowner, answer questions, perform in-depth research on history of the location, and prepare for any necessary rechecks.

The Reluctant Medium
Chronicling the journey of a reluctant medium.

Central VA Paranormal Investigations
To provide professional investigative services to "will- seeking" individuals requiring validation on unexplainable occurrences.

What we are: A group of professionals that dedicate our spare time to paranormal research.
What we are NOT: Pranksters, or people out to put fear in you. We do not offer spells or anything along those lines.
Why we are different: We work as a team where everyone brings their own specialties together. Each team member has a criminal background check on file for reassurance to our clients when entering a residence or business.
What we offer: Investigations, consultations & group/event appearances.

Studies of the Paranormal
Paranormal site about all supernatural phenomena. Contains lots of information.

South Georgia Paranormal Research Society
South Georgia based paranormal research group. We are dedicated to helping those in need, as well as advancing the world of the paranormal. Our site features chat, forum, community, help, photos, videos and more.

RTS Paranormal Investigations
We conduct free paranormal investigations and are located in Wrentham, MA. We have a contact us page, a team members bio page, and photos of locations we have investigated. We update our site every few weeks.

Para-Investigations is team of paranormal investigators and mediums keen on investigating the world of the paranormal. Our teams are based across the UK. We have a paranormal forum free to join.

Trent Hills Ghost Seekers
We are not "ghost busters" nor do we claim to be experts in the field of the paranormal. What we are is a group of people interested in collecting audio and visual proof of life after death.

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