Paranormal 2

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NEPA Paranormal
NEPA Paranormal is a small hard working group of investigators from Northeast Pa. We investigate claims of paranormal activity with modern equipment and theories. We help people with their paranormal problems and our services are always free of charge.

UFO Digest
UFO Digest provides articles on UFOs, paranormal phenomenon, and other unexplained mysteries.

Our Curious World
The official J. Jeff Danelek Website. Articles on ghosts, UFOs, reincarnation and more.

Asia Paranormal
A compilation blog of the paranormal in Asia.

Djinn and Angels
Djinn are the most powerful entities. They can give you immense powers like teleportation, invisibility, astral, fame, wealth, health, protection, authority, and charisma.

Kingtalisman Universal
The world of spiritualism and metaphysics.

Wiki of Paranormal Phenomena
Paranormal phenomena information and videos wiki.

Midnight Hollow - Redefining the Paranormal
A new website that will take the best paranormal videos and lets you vote and discuss. Images, stories, TV shows, and all around paranormal information included.

Myths, Ghosts & Legends
Spooky history & ghostly encounters on the worlds most haunted island!
Daily blog featuring paranormal news, media, commentary and much more.

San Diego Haunted
A portal site for all things paranormal in San Diego, California.

Talk to Ghosts
Help people to communicate with the spirits on both sides of the realm. I also am a big supporter of spirit rescue! We have it all, the best spirit photos and E.V.Ps! We are simply put the best source for spirit communication.

Mystery Of The Paranormal
Great site full of entertaining stories. Ghosts demons and ufo sightings.

CCC Paranormal Hunters
CPH is an online paranormal program that depicts eyewitness accounts of possession, exorcism, and ghostly encounters.

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