UFOs, Aliens, Extraterrestrial Life

SETI at Home
The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) listens for radio telescope data produced by technology using extraterrestrial life. You can participate in SETI at Home by installing free software on your Internet connected computer. This software analyzes radio telescope data and sends the information back to SETI.

Alien Pictures and Ufo Pictures
Website containing various alien pictures, ufo pictures, and stories about ufo sightings.

UFO Digest
UFO Digest provides articles on UFOs, paranormal phenomenon, and other unexplained mysteries.

Alien Zone Alien T-Shirts
Alien Zone sells alien t-shirts, UFO tshirts and Roswell NM themed t-shirts. Home of Area 51.

UFO Research Network
A forum dedicated to the research, discussion, reporting and classifying of the UFO phenomenon.