Paranormal Investigators

Middle Georgia Paranormal Investigations
Professional paranormal investigations and experiences.

Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society (PAPS)
A Phoenix based paranormal group that has many years of paranormal experience both personal and investigative. We are dedicated to helping others gain piece of mind by helping to explain what is and is not paranormal through use of modern techniques and documented evidence aquired during investigations. If you feel you have paranormal activity in your home or business please contact us for an investigation and validation in your claims. We will perform a cleansing of unwanted entities after each validation of a haunting.

American Paranormal Investigations
API is a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization to help families afraid in their own homes in the Sacramento, CA area and surrounding 4 hour radius.

Pacific Paranormal
A San Diego-based research team offering free paranormal investigations.

South Coast Paranormal
A not-for-profit ghost hunters group based in San Diego County of Southern California that provides outreach to a community of Californians troubled by experiences they believe to be paranormal.

Alberta Paranormal Investigators Society - TAPIS
Formerly HAPIA as of our date of registration, TAPIS is the only LEGAL group operating in Edmonton Alberta, and one of the very few legalized groups in Western Canada! It took a few years to come up with a legalized set of bylaws, code of ethics, and code of conduct that we feel every team who claims to be professionals should be operating by. We are professionals in it for the truth, and to help those that call us in finding that truth behind paranormal experiences they are having. Our site consists of collected data from our investigations, theories, essays, and submissions from people not only from Alberta, but from all over the world. There are no charges for our services. Many other groups claim to be professional (although they are not registered in their cities or with the government), but with our commitment - you can guarantee that we are! We have been investigating the paranormal for over 20 years.

Trent Hills Ghost Seekers
We are not "ghost busters" nor do we claim to be experts in the field of the paranormal. What we are is a group of people interested in collecting audio and visual proof of life after death.

Colorado Para-Tech
First, we are Colorado Para-Tech Investigations, a registered Colorado non-profit organization of seasoned paranormal investigators whose mission is to provide factual and realistic answers based on hard evidence to businesses, families, and individuals in Colorado who need help with paranormal problems absolutely free of charge. We use state of the art equipment, proven scientific methods, and adhere to a strict code of ethics to evaluate, investigate, and document possible hauntings and other paranormal activity. We specialize in private cases and have the equipment, knowledge, training, and experience to properly manage and document all aspects of paranormal research. We are people just like you who volunteer our time and resources to help others in need.

Second, we are Colorado Para-Tech, a paranormal investigation equipment manufacturing division that was born from the creation of the Ghost Light. We make The support of the paranormal community has encouraged C.P.T. to continue to help advance paranormal research through the development and enhancement of existing and new technologies. We also conduct ongoing field investigations and lab experiments to help gain insights into paranormal research equipment needs, as well as, explore all aspects of paranormal phenomena. We will continue to develop and produce the best possible tools that we can for paranormal research and make them affordable for everyone.

This site showcases our investigations, evidence, research, and product development. We will also feature information and media from our experiments and studies, and helpful how-to information and product reviews that we find useful for the paranormal community. We are here to help.

CT Spirit Investigators
We are a group of Paranormal Investigators and researchers based in CT founded by Rose Porto. Along with her team, they have experience in investigating private homes, businesses, and historical sites. Serves all of New England.

NJROPE Paranormal
Serving NJ, DE and PA. Investigations are free and confidential. We strive to help those who are trying to bridge the gap between the world we know and the unseen one around us.

North Florida Paranormal Activity Investigations
Spiritlight offers paranormal activity investigations, spirit communication, messages and house clearings.

Nightside Paranormal Investigations
Paranormal Investigators serving the Central Florida Region.

Iowa Paranormal
Investigating reports of ghosts, Bigfoot, UFOs, and other strange occurrences.

Ghost Paranormal Service
Call us at 630-456-2513 24/7 in the chicagoland area if you need help! We are very discreet and investigate free of charge!!

Professional Paranormal Investigations
A paranormal investigations team based in Westport, Indiana. If you are experienceing paranormal activity visit our website and then contact us if you are interested in an investigation. We take each and every call seriously and we will keep your information strictly private. Confidentiality is our number one priority. Let us help you. If we accept your case, there are never any charges for any investigations we conduct. We are looking for want answers...let the Professionals at PPI assist you today.

Shadow Spirit Paranormal
Paranormal investigation.

Kansas Paranormal Investigators
We are a team of investigators located in southeast Kansas. We are non-profit and offer help to clients that may be experiencing paranormal activity in their home or office.

We are a team of investigators located in southeast Kansas. We are non-profit and offer help to clients that may be experiencing paranormal activity in their home or office.

Dravenstar Paranormal Research Team
Dravenstar Paranormal Research Team is located in Eastern Kentucky. Our goal is research and development in the field of the paranormal. Our mission is not to prove to skeptics that ghost exist, but to learn as much as we can about the subject itself. Some members of Dravenstar have had over a decade of research and investigation under their belts. It is our goal to remain professional and provide any help we can.

RTS Paranormal Investigations
We conduct free paranormal investigations and are located in Wrentham, MA. We have a contact us page, a team members bio page, and photos of locations we have investigated. We update our site every few weeks.

Anthony Duda, New England's Paranormal Investigator
Anthony Duda, New England's paranormal investigator since 1992. Ghosts and hauntings, EVP, UFOs, cryptozoology.

The Massachusetts Paranormal Research Group
The Massachusetts Paranormal Research Group is an all volunteer organization. Our mission statment is simply this: We will assist people who are experiencing paranormal activity, events or episodes and provide them with a solution or explanation for their specific encounter while adhering to strict policies and guidelines to protect their confidentiality. We are not funded by any governmental or corporate entity and exist solely on the kindness of a few benefactors plus our own personal contributions to continue to maintain and procure state of the art equipment as is necessary in our field. Our drive to do this is our thirst for knowledge of all things paranormal and our desire to help others through education, explanation, and intervention.

Maryland Paranormal Research
Maryland Paranormal Research is based in central Maryland and employs a rational and multidisciplinary approach to the investigatation of paranormal phenomena, involving systematic collection design (audio, visual, electro-magnetic, thermal, etc), augmented by historical research. All investigations requested by clients remain confidential. Our service area includes MD, VA, DC, PA, DE, NJ and WV. No fee is charged for these services.

Shadow Spirit Paranormal
Paranormal investigation.

Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota
A non-profit organization specializing in paranormal investigation in Minnesota.

Haunted Mississippi Paranormal Research (HMPR)
Haunted Mississippi Paranormal Research (HMPR) is a dedicated group of people who are interested in the paranormal. HMPR investigates the paranormal and extends its services free of charge to those who need assistance.

Catawba County Paranormal Investigators
Hi, and welcome to C.C.P.I. Catawba County Paranormal Investigators. This site was created for paranormal groups and people who are having paranormal activity. We are located in Claremont NC, and expand in a few other states, such as VA, SC, an PA. If you would like to contact us for an investigation whether in home or business please do so or to share a paranormal experience please email Johnathan at and we will respond asap! We have done a number of investigations and received some striking results. If anyone needs us to investigate your home or property we can do so free of charge, donations are welcome for battery's and new equipment to help our evidence further. My email again is message me please if you would like our help or email and please understand that this is no joke and only contact me if you are experiencing paranormal activity. If there are any other investigators that have experience and would like to join message me.

Port City Paranormal
Our web site is dedicated to allow us to share nonconfidential information to others. We are a non provoke team, we do not depend on psychics, personal experiences or methods of divination as evidence. Award winning photographs, videos and blogs included. Please see our website for all details. All investigations free of charge.

3P Paranormal Investigations
Paranormal investigators look for answers concerning paranormal activity. Evidence supporting life after death and psychic abilities can be found on the website.

NEAR Paranormal
New England Anomalies Research (NEAR) was founded for the purpose of investigating and analyzing phenomena which is suspected to be of paranormal origin; that is, removed from what is currently understood and accepted as legitimate by prevailing scientific standards.

New Jersey Ghost Investigations
New Jersey Ghost Investigations (NJGI) are a group of paranormal investigators covering the state of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. NJGI consists of seasoned paranormal investigators with the common goal of providing a solid and comprehensive resource for those concerned with possible paranormal activity.

Western New York Paranormal Research Group
WNY Paranormal Research Group is dedicated to researching the field of scientific investigation of paranormal occurrences. We are a team of professionals who will assist anyone in need of explanations for unexplained events that are occurring in their home or on their property. Our group is made up of people from various professional fields including Electronics, Medical, Management, Engineering, and many more. We do not judge people, we do not ridicule people! We are here to help. We will listen to you, help you resolve your issue to the best of our ability and get further help from any necessary source depending on the type of paranormal problems that are occurring. At your request we will keep your case completely confidential. We don't charge for our services.

Roc City Paranormal Research Society, Inc.
Paranormal investigators in Upstate New York whose goal is to provide resources to those who may have experienced haunting and spirit activity.

North Country Paranormal Group
We are a paranormal investigation group based in Plattsburgh, New York. We provide investigations at no cost. Our main objective is to help the clients with whatever paranormal needs they have.

Paranormal Investigations of Rockland County
We are a group of like-minded individuals who are looking to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts, hauntings and paranormal activity. There is no charge for our services. Our goal is to aid any individuals dealing with or understanding a possible paranormal situation in their home or business.

Paranormal archeology survey team serving NW Ohio and SE Michigan.

P.R.O.S Investigations
Home of the professional investigators and researchers.

NJROPE Paranormal
Serving NJ, DE and PA. Investigations are free and confidential. We strive to help those who are trying to bridge the gap between the world we know and the unseen one around us.

Eximius Paranormal Research & Investigations
We are a team of paranormal investigators, the site reflects our activities and interests, with interesting articles, video clips, books, investigations and other things of interest to the paranormal community. We are based in the Northwest UK.

Totally Haunted
Team of ghost hunters from hampshire in search of the paranormal.

Website home for Ghost Hunt Team (Essex UK) No 1 Paranormal team in Essex and as featured in Jason Karl's 21st Century Ghosts book. Est in 2004.

Otherworld North East Research Society
The Otherworld North East Research Society (OWNE) is a non-profit anomalous phenomena investigation and research association specialising in recording the physical phenomena often associated with alleged ghosts and hauntings. Our aim is to help promote the heritage of the North East of England's historical sites, blending local history research with field and documentary research into ghostly sightings and experiences. The OWNE Investigation Team operates as a data collection unit and do not use mediums, seances, talking boards or dowsing as standard practice during our venue-based investigations.

Paranormal Investigation Team of Utah
A Utah based, not for profit paranormal investigations team.

Central VA Paranormal Investigations
To provide professional investigative services to "will- seeking" individuals requiring validation on unexplainable occurrences.

What we are: A group of professionals that dedicate our spare time to paranormal research.
What we are NOT: Pranksters, or people out to put fear in you. We do not offer spells or anything along those lines.
Why we are different: We work as a team where everyone brings their own specialties together. Each team member has a criminal background check on file for reassurance to our clients when entering a residence or business.
What we offer: Investigations, consultations & group/event appearances.

Ghost VIPS
VIPS believes in a professional and scientific approach to investigations and the ability to develop new standards in the paranormal research field. We like to incorporate common sense ideas with original and innovative techniques, and philosophies. We will attempt to debunk claims of activity while maintaining an open mind. We are not out to prove skeptics wrong or a believer right, we just provide evidence, recommendations, and allow the client to be the judge.

D.A.R.S. (Death Afterlife Research Society)
Death Afterlife Research Society is a paranormal team that investigates in Virginia. Our team will scientifically analyze photos, videos, recordings, and all collected evidence. D.A.R.S. web site is full of information and evidence. We are here for you.

South East Wisconsin Paranormal Investigation Team
We provide confidential and professional paranormal investigations free of charge.